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BOOK: Building Our Dream In Remote Colorado, Hartsel, CO

BOOK: Building Our Dream In Remote Colorado

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Property Information*
Property ID# 35520
Status For Sale
Address BOOK: Building Our Dream In Remote Colorado
Hartsel, CO 80449
Badger Creek
Park County
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Asking Price $24.00
Type Lots & Land
Garage None
Basement None



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soft back 13.95 
Hard back 23.95

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I Had the pleasure of meeting the Author of this book by accident ( 4 FLAT TIRES and by the Grace of God on December 16 2010.
(Read my story below the introductory)

(((((((((((        Video interview with Steven L Woods author            )))))))))))

(((((((((((                          )))))))))))

In 1971, after buying their acreage in a very remote area of the Colorado Mountains, the Wood family began to develop their dream ranch. The history and wild life of the area provides a fascinating backdrop for their story of adventure and discovery in the wilderness. From the first Americans to the mining era and the building of the railroads, Colorado is steeped in the glorious history of the Wild West.

The property was located in the middle of a cow pasture with only marginal access and the closest electrical lines were over twelve miles away. With no means of communication and the closest town twenty-two miles away, the family had their work cut out for them. After surviving a devastating blizzard with thirty people in their home, they understood the importance of understanding survival techniques. Their crazy but true experiences are recounted with frankness and humor.

By sharing his experiences and newly-gained knowledge, Wood has saved many of his friends hundreds of dollars, offering his advice on energy systems and the challenges of building in a remote area. Through perseverance and good old-fashioned hard work, he and his family built their dream ranch in the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

Stephen L. Wood was born on a farm in eastern Colorado. He was the third of four boys and is the father of five sons himself, all of whom are happily married. Now retired, he and his wife, Jan, live happily in their dream home in the Colorado Rockies.



I live in Denver and am very comfortable with city amenities I soon realized.
On 12/16/10 at around 9:00am I received a call from a client requesting me to show him a couple properties. I usually don't go without at least a days notice as it is about 2 hours from my office. I loaded up some cold weather gear 32 oz of water and a handful of peanuts and set up the hill. I met up with the client in Fairplay at around 12 noon. This was the first time I had met this client. I showed him 3 properties prior to leaving him at around 3:00pm. I went to take pictures of 2 other properties we were selling. Both properties were about 18 miles from HWY 9 just off of Co Rd 53. At the last property I decided to go an extra 5 miles out of my planned route into Badger Creek and take a look at one last property. As I approached Co Rd 53 I just about turned right which would have taken me out to Hartsel and back towards home. I was wondering if I should go off route this late (4:30pm) with snow moving in and a battery that my client had to jump at the last property I showed him. I turned left anyway and heading deeper in to the south. My justification was "it's only an extra 5 miles in!" Just as I started to enter Badger Creek from Co Rd 53 I heard a loud bang and realized I just had a blow out. I thought to myself "Ok now I will not get out of here before dark!" I thought to myself "Maybe this was not a good decision!" I get out of my truck and see the left rear tire in pieces. No problem I have a spare. Well I walk to the front of my truck to look for the jack and see that my front tire is flat, only 1inch separates the rim and the road. "OH NO!" I attempted to call my wife to only discover NO CELL SERVICE AND NO SIGNS OF LIFE! Panic starts to set in as it is expected to get below 0 degrees over night with no food and only about 8 oz of water left. The high was only 18 degrees this day. I was across the field from a Cabin and decided to see if someone happened to be there. Of course there was no one home, who would live up here with no electricity right? This area has very few cabins spread throughout the area. Most of which are only summer cabins. I started to think the worst, my wife was worried anyway because I didn't know the client I met and she expected me to return late afternoon. What would be running through her mind if I didn't come home? "YIKES!" I could only imagine what I would have been thinking if I was her!
I looked down the hill from the first cabin and seen another cabin down by the creek. I headed down towards that place crossing a barbwire fence and stepping in the creek alongside the home. "Great now my feet are wet!" You only fear the worst. I thought to myself as I approached this cabin. "What if this person lives up here to be away from people?" As I approach the door I expect to be met by a gun! Well just the opposite happened. The man now known as Steven Woods the author of (Building Our Dream in Remote Colorado) opens the door. I blurt out, "I'm in trouble!" I am just relieved to see life. Steven calmly said, "What's the trouble"? I explained my situation. He calmly had a solution for me before I even knew what it was. Steven was going to allow me to use his truck to run to town the next day and get a new tire. "Wow!" His wife Jan was going to make me a care package to get me through the night while I stayed at a friend's cabin about 5 miles up the road. By this time I used their phone to contact my wife Deb which placing my mind at ease. While Steven and I were working on getting my truck down to his place, My friends who owned a the cabin in the area had contacted there cabin neighbor who also lived in the area year round, they made arrangements for me to stay overnight. I was greeted with open arms warm food and a warm bed to sleep by some great folks. "But Wait, It's Not Over Yet!" Remember, 4 FLAT TIRES AND BY THE GRACE OF GOD? We have only talked about 2 Flat tires. The next morning I went down to Steven and Jan's house to make plans on what I was going to do. Steven aired up the front tire and plugged a hole in it. We changed the other hoping that would get me home. Since both tires were on the left side and went about the same time we just assumed that I hit something in the road or a cattle guard got me. After fixing the tire I interviewed Steven about his book, SEE VIDEO HERE. I was so honored by his kindness and his story the next thing I know it is almost 12 noon. I say my thank you's and good buy's as I head out the door. It has been about 3 hours and the tire he plugged is still full pressure. I set off back down Co Rd 53 towards Hartsel. I only get about 10 miles and the right rear tire blows. "What, I'm stranded again?" I had to walk up the road about 1 mile to find cell phone service. I called Steven to rescue me one more time! Steven was so kind he came back to pick me up and said let's take the 2 wheels to Buena Vista and get at least 2 new tires so you can get home. We headed to Buena Vista and the entire time I learned a great amount about the area from Steven. He can write a whole book in itself. Steven is very knowledgeable about the history of this area dating back to the 1800s. We get back to my truck at about 3:30pm that afternoon and replace the one blown tire on the rear side of the truck. I called my wife informing her I am now on my way home. I go no more than 5 more miles and the tire we plugged blew. At this time I was not off of Co Rd 53 and still had another 6 miles to go! Something was definitely wrong with my tires. Now I know why I went the extra 5 miles the night before. It was the by the grace of God looking over me and making sure that I went in the best direction to seek out help. If I would have went the other way I would have had to sleep in the truck in the cold and who knows when I would have found help. One more time Steven came to the rescue. I put my last new tire on and had my wife Deb drive up from Denver to meet me along the way knowing that I had one more of those tires left on my truck with no spare. I finally got to Hwy 9 a paved road at about 4:30pm and headed to Fairplay. I figured now that my wife was on her way up she could at least find me if the last tire blew. I arrived at Fairplay and decided to go on to Jefferson which is only about 16 miles. I didn't get another 8 miles and the last tire started to come apart. Deb met me at Co Rd 34 where we left the truck and headed back down to Denver. We brought the last 2 blown wheels with us so we could get 2 more new tires the next morning. We finally made it back up to pick up my truck at around 12 noon on 12/18/10.

I learned a lot of lessons from this trip. Those lessons will include the power of faith, The power of your mind and how fortunate I really have it.
Just having the ability to eat when I want and sleep in a warm place was taken for granted. I was worried that I didn't have any food. I now realized that I wasn't even hungry and have no clue what some children and adults on the streets go through every day.
My faith was being tested as I have been studying in the bible you must have faith and trust in God and if you do he will come through for you. This was a turning point for me.
The power of your mind. I have been reading a lot of self help books over the past 5 years to include Napoleon Hill, Alexander Bell, and Tony Robins to just name a few. All these people talk about how powerful you mind is. Such as how what you think about becomes your reality. Well I was starting to panic and think of all the things that could go wrong. I was unable to think clear and concentrate on solutions to my problem. Many of us live life like that every day. It is now clearer to me more than ever before, to be successful in anything you must mind your mind and maintain control of your thoughts at all times. You must have a never give up attitude and work hard for what you want.

All of this goes right back to our founding father who teaches us to think big and give big while loving all your neighbors! You never know when you may need them.

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Matt Gerace
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